5 Easy On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas for Back to School

on the go breakfast smoothie

I’m having a hard time believing that we’re here, but we are in fact here… it’s back to school.

AND my girls are starting Kindergarten, which means they have to get there at the @$$ crack of dawn… it’s really gonna cramp their 3 breakfasts before going to school at 9am-style….

So, I’m brainstorming all the things we can grab and GO to make it before the bell rings at 7:45am (wish us luck… just the thought of getting two 6 yr olds out the door this early is giving me anxiety).

So here’s what I’ve got, I thought you may be able to use a little grab-n-go inspo too….

I like these because most of them…

  1. You can prep/make them ahead of time or the night before
  2. They store well in the fridge or freezer
  3. You can take them on the go if you need to
  4. They’re nourishing, filling and energizing options I feel good about feeding myself and my kids in the morning

5 Easy Grab-n-Go Breakfast Ideas

A Simple Smoothie

Like this banana, peach, peanut butter smoothie. This combo tastes more like a milkshake than breakfast. It’s an easy one to sneak a few handfuls of spinach into without changing the taste much, too.

You can use this recipe as a base and change up the ingredients. Try adding in different fruits to keep it interesting. Sub peaches for berries to make a PB&J you can drink with a straw!

Tip: Instead of buying almond milk, add a handful of almonds to the blender with water and it’s like the same thing. You can do this with any nut to make an instant nut milk inside a smoothie.

Time saving tip: Put your smoothie ingredients in a jar or bag the night before so all you have to do is add to blender and blend.

smoothie in blender

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a new kid favorite in our house and I fully credit the DIY toppings. They love putting their own nuts, berries and drizzle of honey on top.

The whole thing couldn’t be easier and is perfect for a busy morning because you can prep it the night before. Then in the morning it’s ready to grab and go.

Oats are high in fiber which makes them filling on their own. They’re great for the gut microbiome too (I’ll explain more on this and where low carb diets get it wrong on Facebook tomorrow). Then when you add things like chia seeds, nuts and yogurt, it makes them even more so and adds a nutritional boost.

If you avoid gluten, be sure to look for gluten-free on the packaging of your oats. And either way, I recommend buying organic – oats one of the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crops.

Time saving tip: Put toppings (nuts, granola, berries in bag so can easy add on top on the go).

overnight oats

Banana Pancakes

This pumpkin spice banana pancake recipe is delicious and so much fun to make. Even easier, you can use this simple 3-ingredient pancake base and they’re still really good.

For a single serving all you need is:

  • 1 overripe banana
  • 2 eggs
  • coconut oil (for greasing)

That’s it. To make more, multiply the recipe for the number of people/how much you want to make and stock in the fridge for the week.

Sometimes I’ll add in a tbsp of coconut flour or almond butter and/or a tsp of baking soda to cake them up a bit, especially if I’m making them for someone else and I want to impress… I may also add a tsp of vanilla and a few shakes of cinnamon too. If you want to keep it simple and easy though, that base is all you really need.

When taking to-go, I like to spread a pancake with peanut or almond butter to make more satisfying and filling.

Time saving tip: Multiply the recipe and make a bunch at a time to store in fridge or freezer.

Egg Muffins

These egg muffins are just like one of the recipes in one of the meal plans in Dinner in 10, which is an online cooking class/meal prep system that gives you my system for making dinner in 10 minutes or less every night of the week.

I call these muffins but they’re really more like mini to-go omelets.

They’re great because instead of having to wait for an omelet… you can make a dozen (or more) at once and keep them in the fridge for an easy, healthy, on-the-go breakfast.

Just like the ones in Dinner in 10, I picked this one to share here because it shows you options for different veggies and flavors you can use. The possibilities are limitless. Play around with your favorite mix-ins and invent your own signature recipe.

Time saving tip: Use my secret for halving cherry tomatoes in a fraction of the time.

egg muffins

Oatmeal Bars

These oatmeal cookies/bars are one of my all time favorite and most popular recipes from the blog. I still make them every other week for my girls to have at breakfast or as an after school snack. Personally I love having one smeared with peanut butter. And if I’m feeling extra crazy, I’ll sneak in some chocolate chips.

Time saving tip: Keep the dry ingredients (ie. oats, applesauce, etc.) on hand so you can make these whenever you notice you’ve got bananas past their prime. Make em and store in fridge, or freeze if making more than you can eat right away. You’ll never throw away a bad banana again! 

oatmeal bars

What’s Your Go-To, On-The-Go Breakfast?

Share your own favorites in the comments, will you? We’re always looking for new breakfast ideas to try…

Want to make it even easier (the just tell me what to do so I can just do it approach?…) 

There’s also my DIY online program – Dinner in 10 – that gives you 4 whole weeks of meal plans (that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner) and teaches you how to make all this delicious food in 10 minutes or less so you can eat well, without spending hours in the kitchen every day.

It’s “literally life-changing” as multiple people who have gone through it tell me.

Start eating better today right here.

on the go breakfast ideas

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