What’s More Important – The Medicine, or Believing in the Medicine?

Let’s talk about the power of belief in healing….

What you believe matters. 

belief in healing

This child 100 percent believes that this opalite stone (known as a mood balancer) is why she’s been able to get through her homework without getting frustrated. 

And ya know what, it’s doing something… 

Is it the stone?… is it her belief in the stone? 

Does it even matter? 

Whether it’s…

  • crystals
  • oils 
  • a new diet 
  • a new supplement
  • meditation
  • reiki 
  • earthing  
  • [insert any sort of “alternative” medicine here]

Your belief in the medicine is just as important – if not MORE – than the medicine. 

It’s your belief in healing that makes the healing possible.

Screw what anyone else thinks. 

If you think it works, that’s all that matters and boy does that part matter. 

Go with it. BELIEVE in it. 

What’ve you got to loose? 

Belief in healing is powerful all on it’s own.

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