Have You Heard of the Beet Test?

You’re wondering where I’m going with beet test aren’t you?

First, let me assure you, the beet test is a real, legit thing.

I did not make it up.

Though I wish I had because as you’ll soon find out, it’s brilliant.

And I’d add – a good reminder that while fancy stool tests have their place, we can learn so much just by turning around and taking a look… at what’s in the toilet.

So… now that I have your attention…

What’s the beet test? 

The beet test is the simplest test to find your transit time (ie. how long it takes for the food you eat to make it’s way through the twisty turns of your digestive tract and out the other side).

Ideal transit time is between 30-40 hours. So depending on timing, the next day or day after.

Why does transit time matter? 

Too fast and you may be missing out on valuable time to soak up all those nutrients in what you just ate.

Too slow and things may be backing up….

And whatever you ate two days ago has now become a smorgasbord for the microbes in your gut.

This matters because what we feed flourishes, and overtime can lead to imbalances, overgrowths, and unfriendly guests in the gut.

Remember too, it’s not just food waste that leave with our poo. The poop chute is the exit route for toxins, microbial waste, even hormones (I’m looking at you estrogen) too.

So we’re not just talking about some lingering Charcuterie in the lions… all that other stuff can end up hanging out for too long too and cause their own sets of problems.

OK, now what does all of this have to do with beets…

Beets are the perfect food to measure this transit time. 

Because if you eat enough of them, they’ll literally turn your poo pink (this little experiment is also a great way to get kids to try them too, BTW).

Or, you know, if you’re not paying attention and forget they can give quite the scare a day or two later… IYKYK…

To do this test, it’s simple. Just prepare some beets (like this beet and watermelon salad) and take note of the day and time you ate them.

Then just wait and watch…

Side note – if you’re not already paying attention to this particular vital sign on the daily, I recommend making it a habit starting now.

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Megan Adams Brown

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