A Convo about Why Autoimmune Disease is Rising Exponentially

I never set out to be an autoimmune health coach…

But people kept coming to me with autoimmune disease for health coaching…

Autoimmunity, the exponential increase in this type of disease, how the condition forms, and how to effectively address and manage it, keeps coming up when I go on podcasts…

Like this one I did recently with Kate Maslowski, founder of the Holistic Health Collaborative
autoimmune health coach

Autoimmune Health Coaching

Like I said, when I started health coaching I never set out to specialize in autoimmune disease.

Quite the opposite – I resisted it for a long time.

I felt like the furthest thing from an expert…
I was in the middle of struggling with my own…

Over the years though, as I’ve learned, and as I keep sharing what I continue to learn… specializing as an autoimmune health coach has found me.

Of the handful of clients I work with one-on-one, more of them have something autoimmune going on than don’t.

And when I realized this, I knew I needed to take my expertise and qualifications to the next level… I needed to become the autoimmune health coach my clients so desperately needed.

Becoming an Autoimmune Health Coach

That’s when I started the path to certification in functional medicine which I celebrated completing earlier this year.

Combining coaching for the nitty gritty every day lifestyle stuff with a get-to-the-real-root-cause approach has been life changing for the people I help.

I could go on and on about the truly miraculous changes, stories that still make me cry, of people getting their life back…
but back to the real reason for this post…

I really think you’re gonna love this conversation I had with Kate Maslowski, founder of the Holistic Health Collaborative, about all of this — autoimmune disease, the factors required for autoimmune to take hold, why this category of disease is on the rise exponentially, and how a functional medicine approach is game changing with anything chronic…

Listen to our convo here or find it on your favorite podcast platform.

Megan Adams Brown

P.S. If you’re dealing with anything autoimmune – Hashimoto’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Colitis, Vitiligo, Alopecia, Crohn’s, Lupus, MS, etc… – this has become my speciality. I have more spots for one-on-one functional health coaching opening in the coming weeks. If you’re ready to get started or just want to chat to learn more, grab some time on my calendar here.

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