What’s better than following the same ‘ol “diet rules”?

Writing your own.

Welcome to No Rules Nourishment--
where your list of “foods I love” is so long
you can stop fixating on that “can’t eat” list.

Ready to become the authority
on your own body?

Good, cause we’re gonna go so far beyond the usual “rules” of nutrition, that eating good to feel good becomes second nature.

Grab my
So Flippin' Easy
Meal Plan + Playlist

You'll get 3 full days (that’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner) of no-frills, tasty recipes that are made with whole ingredients--don’t worry that’s not code for “all made of cauliflower.” In fact, these recipes are so tasty even a picky toddler will like ‘em. Plus a fun playlist that'll make the time in the kitchen fly.

The best part--no rando ingredients or 12-step recipes.
Oh and did I mention it's free?

What’s up, friend? 

I’m a health-nut 

(but not in the pretentious way).

In fact, I’m so “not like other health coaches”, I won’t force you to sneak kale into every dish you consume or tell you to slather your bacon in butter and call it “Keto”
Wanna hear a secret most conventional diets won’t tell you?
You CAN eat potatoes.
You CAN eat a cookie.
You CAN cut out gluten and not have it feel like a life sentence.

And yep--you CAN enjoy food and feel like a million freakin’ bucks (even if you have a food sensitivity, allergy, or illness).

Listen, you already know you want to “eat better.” But it’s rarely that simple…

The truth is healthy eating plans are as unique as people!
Which is why all of the work I do is custom to you, your body, and your needs.
Wanna hear more about how I help you actually improve your health and nutrition habits?

(Kidding--of course you do!).



You know how a personal trainer guides you in the gym? As a health coach and functional medicine practitioner it’s my job to guide in all the other areas of your life that contribute to your health. The  difference between me and a personal trainer tho is I set you up to be your own expert on your health.

Here's how we can work together. 



Find dozens upon dozens of healthy recipes - all of them simple, easy and delicious (and just so happen to be gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free (by choice, of course).


“In just the first week of working with Megan my skin was clearer and I had tons more energy. My moods were more stable and I overall felt happier and more confident.”

hey there!

I’m Megan,
your new healthy BFF.

Here to peer pressure you in all the good ways.
I'm like that little bit crazy health nutty friend that you hate to admit it, but makes you want to drink more herbal tea… That makes you feel like hey, I could do this... and say things like: "I never thought of it that way before..." and: "you mean you can do that with almonds?"...

Top Resources


40+ Healthy Snack
Ideas + Recipes


The Anti-Inflammatory
Shopping List

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth without the Sugar Crash

These sweet treats are made with zero refined sugar, and are 100% free of gluten and dairy. Instead they're made with nutrient dense ingredients like maple syrup, raw cacao, dates, and fruits that come together and prove dessert can be good for you. 

let's do this!

Ready to feel damn good - like better than you ever thought possible?

First step is schedule a chat so we can get to know each other a little better.
I want to hear what’s going on with you and have a convo about how I can help.